SEO Tips for 2017

SEO Tips for 2017

You might want to evaluate SEO for your website since having an SEO optimized site is one of the best ways to have your website ranked within the search engines and ultimately get more traffic. Here are a few tips that would help you improve your site SEO

1. Create quality content

Creating unique and useful content is one of the best ways that you can improve your site SEO. Search engines love fresh content and they are always looking out for sites that provide their users with good information and value. Try to do incorporate a lot of research when it comes to creating quality content.

Avoid copying from any website or directly pasting a few of the sentences from elsewhere. This would definitely look bad in the eyes of search engines and they can sandbox your site without you giving you any warning.  Here are some ideas on coming up with great content.

2. Optimize Images

It is important to include images in your content to make them look more interesting and attractive to the readers. Most people are visual and would love to see pictures/images within your content since it helps them skim through your content and understand better so it is better to include good quality and relevant images within the content.

Make sure you have included the keyword in your alt tag and have included a relevant image title. Try to make your visual content unique and shareable.

3. Keywords

Keywords are important for the ranking of posts and pages, however, make sure you do not stuff your posts with keywords. Use keywords once in the title of the post and once in the first 160 characters of your content. You could use it once or twice within the content if it makes sense to have the keyword but otherwise just using it in the title and the first few sentences of the title would do the trick.

Avoid Keyword stuffing since it might backfire instead of helping you in gaining better rankings. Optimize your content with keywords and do not overdo it since it would just end up not helping you at all when it comes to having better rankings.

4. Keep adding value

You need to consistent with your content since that shows that you are adding value constantly to your site. It would be better if you had a schedule for posting content since that would help the search engines to know when they need to crawl your sites looking for fresh content.

Keep your site updated and keep adding fresh content that is helpful to your readers.

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